Puppy Litters

Updated in August, 2015: Mochaccina's last litter was in Spring 2015. We have no future litters planned. Mochaccina's pedigree is pictured at the bottom of this page.

Our puppies may be registered with the AKC as pets, but are not for breeding or showing (on a limited contract). You can still participate and compete in Agility with poodles on a Limited Contract. For more info, see the bottom of the Contact page. We strongly encourage neutering (for boys) and spaying (for girls). Boys are much less apt to mark (and hump) when neutered, and you won't have to worry about your female coming into heat and bleeding all over your house (or worse yet, becoming pregnant) when spayed. Raising healthy, quality puppies takes a lot of time and effort and is a huge responsibility.

Val is self employed and works out of the home, so she was able to be here with the poodles to ensure each puppy received all the attention (loving and training) they deserved while with us.  Since Bob retired, he was also able to spend a lot of time with the puppies. Our poodles all adore him and follow him around when he's home (maybe because he gives them so many dog treats). Our poodles live in our home as part of our family.  All of our puppies were cuddled and played with by a family who loves poodles, and will make fantastic companions and pets. They were introduced to children and other dogs at an early age so they would be playful and become good family members. We tried to have fair weather litters so we could begin outdoor potty training with the puppies.

Many of our poodle families have a member with severe dog allergies (like Val did) who were drawn to the poodle breed because they do not shed. Our poodles are very loving with very different personalities (just like people), but will give a pretty good idea of what life with a poodle looks like.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase a puppy and never talk to the breeder again. We chose to place our poodles in homes that would keep in touch. We appreciate emails and love getting pictures of our puppies. We offer "puppy sitting" to many of our poodle puppy families (schedules permitting of course). Being close to the airport makes it convenient too.

Check out the reunions page to see photos from the annual puppy reunions we've hosted here. Because we get to know all of the families that have adopted our puppies, it does become sort of a family/social relationship, and we're thrilled so many of the families of our pups have become friends, have regular play dates and puppy-sit for one another too. Many tell me they visit this website to see the latest news on our poodles, so please keep in touch. And send pictures! It makes our day. Sometimes I get so busy I fall behind on the blogging, so please forgive and bear with me. I update it when I can.

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