Links is happy to provide links to some fun websites we think you may enjoy.

American Kennel Club
Official site of the AKC. This is where you can register your pedigreed dog and learn more about the breed.

Poodle Grooming
Save money by learning to groom your poodles yourself. Simple basic instructions. Free video on the Kennel Clip.

Hirata Digital
The most amazing photographs we've ever seen! Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, dew drops, trees, birds, animals, sunsets, cats, and of course, DOGS.

Seattle Poodles Prattles
Our old poodles blog. Learn more about us and our poodles here.

Custom Photo Purses
Get a custom purse made featuring your poodle or anything you want.
Many sizes and styles available (including backpacks, lunch bags, computer
bags, toiletry bags, makeup bags, wallets, etc.)

These make great gifts. I get compliments on my poodle purse everywhere I go.
To see a larger picture of the purses, just click on them.

Poodle Pedigree Database
Check out the pedigree of your poodle here. You can go back many generations on some.

Poodles in Australia

Print on Fabric
Inkjet Printable Fabric sheets that work with any inkjet printer to print your pets' photo on. Available in Cotton, Bamboo and various Silks.

Seattle Poodles YouTube channel
This is where you can find videos of our poodles and puppies.

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