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Seattle Poodles
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All of our females are now spayed and we are no longer having puppies We are a family who loves poodles and enjoyed placing our puppies in homes where they will be loved. We believe a puppy's temperament is formed in the first 10 weeks of life. Being raised properly contributes to a dog's confidence, sociability, mood stability, and positively effects its intellectual development. Being handled and loved by humans as well as their mother also facilitates optimal neuronal development. We took socialization very seriously and introduced our puppies to children, other dogs, a cat, common household noises, etc. at the appropriate time and began potty training. We encouraged family visits with their puppies(after their eyes were open).

Our puppies were sold with *Limited Registration contracts so families could register their puppy with the AKC and obtain a 4 or 5-generation pedigree.

*Limited Registration
Limited Registration means that the dog is registered, but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. Chapter 3, Section 4A of the AKC's Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline states the following: "Limited Registration may be requested for a dog when application for individual registration of the dog is submitted, provided the application, together with a request for such limitation, is filed by the owner(s) of the litter at birth. No offspring of a dog for which Limited Registration has been granted is eligible for registration. Each registration certificate for such dog shall carry notice of the limitation, and the limitation shall continue, regardless of any change of ownership, unless and until the owner(s) of the litter at birth shall apply to AKC for removal of the limitation."

A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration shall be ineligible to be entered in a breed competition in a licensed or member dog show. It is eligible, however, to be entered in any other licensed or member event. These events include: Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog.

Limited Registration is determined by the litter owner(s). The litter owner(s) check the Limited box on the AKC Dog Registration Application. Limited Registration certificates are white with an orange border; the Full Registration certificate is white with a purple border. Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration only by the litter owner(s).

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