Lady Espresso of Angle Lake
The beautiful miniature black poodle who started it all

Lady Espresso of Angle Lake is the smartest and most beautiful female poodle we've ever seen with long eyelashes and very expressive eyes. She tries to talk, has an outstanding personality, loves children, and is a wonderful mother and grandmother. Her puppies are all beautiful, loving and smart. We knew she was special right from the start. She listens to everything we say and tries to understand.

Lady Espresso had four perfect litters of puppies before we decided it was time to give her a rest and retire her, letting her go back to just being our baby.

Spressi's last litter was on May 29, 2008 when she gave birth to five beautiful jet black babies (2 females and 3 males). One went to a couple who owns one of the puppies from Spressi's first litter and wanted a second. We kept the two females to continue this wonderful line of puppies. We believe Spressi has the best poodle puppies and wanted to continue her wonderful line. Now that Cina and Bella have been spayed and are retied, we are looking to our stud Chocolate Chip to keep the line going.

Below are pictures showing Spressi's four litters.

Lady Espresso's fourth litter

Lady Espresso's third litter

Lady Espresso's second litter

Lady Espresso's first litter

The stud's name for the first litter was Gayel's Hotshot.
Doesn't he look like Mocha and Biscotti?
Hotshot is the father of Penhurst Gayel's Mad About You (Mister).
Mister is the father of Spressi's other three litters.

? ! ? Guess which ones are Mocha and Biscotti ? ! ? (Scroll down to the bottom to see)

Below are adult pictures of the first litter (left to right): Sir Biscotti, Lady Mocha, Lady Brooklyn and Sir Johann (Colorado).

Val's mom bred and raised miniature poodles, so Val has been around poodles and poodle puppies practically her whole life. She has many happy memories of playing with poodle puppies as a child and training the family poodles.

Like many who are attracted to the poodle breed, Val grew up with severe pet allergies, and poodles were the only dog she could be around. It seemed natural for Val to begin breeding her poodles after she got married. The puppies from Val's first litters in West Seattle all went to family members.

Though Bob didn't grow up around dogs, he quickly became a poodle lover after becoming attached to the poodle Val had when they met (Cappuccino). We got a girlfriend for Cino named Val's Espresso and began breeding them. Bob fell in love with the poodles and their puppies. If it were up to Bob we would have a poodle puppy (or two) from each litter. And they would all sleep on our bed. : )

Spressi, Mocha and Biscotti accompany Bob all over town as he does errands and picks up coffee drinks from Starbucks.

Okay, here's the answer to who's who in the puppy picture above: (Mocha, Johann, Brooklyn & Biscotti)

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