Puppy Reunions, Birthday Parties and Events
Our 2015 poodle puppy reunion is scheduled for Saturday, September 26. Hope to see you there.
It is a potluck and you need to RSVP. Please contact us if we were unable to reach you.

2014 Puppy Reunion




2012 Puppy Reunion

Here is our official group photo for 2011. It includes most of the poodles and families (some had to leave before the group shot was taken).




Despite bad weather forecasts, we had no rain or wind, and even got some sun breaks for our puppy reunion. Thank you to everyone praying for good weather.
We invited future puppy families to the reunion to meet our puppies and families. Since we were puppy sitting and had extra poodles there were plenty of poodles to go around,
and the new families got to cuddle, play fetch, and even pose in photos with the poodles if they wanted to. One of our future poodle moms Stephanie surprised us with
a beautiful half sheet cake with a photo of our poodles on it. Cinnamon and Biscotti's son Seattle's new family brought toys which all of the poodles enjoyed.
A total of 28 poodles attended the reunion with their families. A good time was had by all.




Here are the litter group photos:
Bella's Litter      Biscotti's Litters

Cina's Litter

Spressi's 1st Litter      Spressi's 2nd Litter

Spressi's 3rd Litter      Spressi's 4th Litter

Some of our 2012 Future Puppy Families

3rd Annual Puppy Reunion in September, 2010

      While not as warm as last year's reunion, the weather was very pleasant for our puppy reunion. Not too hot, but warm enough for the poodles to be able to romp in the yard and play in the lake while the people oohed and aahed over Bella's puppies, visited, shared poodle stories and enjoyed the potluck food. Jean (Bosco's mom) had nametags which helped everyone learn names and know which litter(s) their puppies came from. Some had to leave a little early and some had to come a little late because of prior engagements, so our group photo does not include all of the poodles, but you can see from the photos who was there.

Below are the various litter group photos.

Cina's 1st Litter

Spressi's 2nd Litter
Chocolate Poodles

2nd Annual Puppy Reunion in July, 2009

      The weather couldn't have been more perfect for our puppy reunion. The poodles romped in the yard and in the lake while the people waded and swam in the lake, enjoyed the wonderful potluck food, visited and shared poodle stories. Jean (Bosco's mom) made bandanas for Spressi's litters and Biscotti's litters to wear so everyone could tell which were puppies and grandpuppies of Spressi. Val made nametags showing the names of the people, their poodle(s) and which litter(s) they came from. Even though they were unable to bring Johann, it was great to see Johann's (and our) Colorado family at the reunion. Macchiato & Frappuccino's family decided to add a third poodle and were the first to place a deposit for Cinã's upcoming 2010 litter.

      After some initial barking, posturing and swarming as each new poodle arrived, the pups ran around and played together like they'd never been apart. Several neighbors came out on their deck and many boats slowed down as they passed by to watch the poodles playing. I think we may have set a record for the most related poodles all assembled in one place in Seattle (certainly on Angle Lake). Our poodle families are some of the nicest people around. Below are the various litter group photos.

Spressi's Four Litters

Biscotti's Two Litters

Here is a picture of the Chocolate Poodles that were at the reunion (except Murphy who left before this picture was taken).

      Thanks you so very much for another wonderful reunion. You are so great to host us all and the poodles truly love it! Bella Marina slept the whole way home and barely got up for dinner! 
      We are looking forward to many more years of friendship, both human and poodle too!! :-) Thanks again for everything you do! xo

Kit, Gina and Bella Marina

      Thanks Val for a fun party yesterday. Was great seeing all the poodles together and meeting new parents as well. Appreciate your hospitality. Thank you,
Joe, Marilyn and Sophie

Poodles on Parade

      We thought it would be fun to walk our poodles in the annual 4th of July Angle Lake Manor parade that goes right by our house. Friends with our poodles that were coming over for the 4th joined in for a nice group of poodle pups. Jean made patriotic bandanas for everyone to wear in the parade. It was fun hearing the children say, "Look at all of those poodles."
      My sister and her two sons from Colorado joined us in the parade. Look at Biscotti prancing and strutting with Bev (above). What a handsome boy!

Spressi's 4th Litter Birthday Party

Spressi's 4th Litter Birthday Party

Perfect turnout at the first birthday of Spressi's last litter. Bella and Cinã were thrilled to see their littermates Bronx, Kona and Simon. Brooklyn and
Choco (who we were puppy sitting) and their nephew Bosco (who lives down the street) helped them celebrate, and a good time was had by all!


      What a great birthday party! Thank you so much for all your thoughtful touches that made it so much fun and such a success. 
You clearly spent much effort over many hours. The character study for Kona was spot-on in so many respects, and is a great addition to his scrap book. 
And he sends special thanks for the doggy treats and the Frisbee which he gleefully retrieves for another toss. He'll be throwing it out for us to get in no time...
      Seeing Kona's brothers and sisters again was a great treat for us, and Kona, of course who thought he'd gone to heaven... His sisters are both the most charming young ladies,
and so calmly affectionate. Bronx and Simon were both really laid back young gentlemen, and got on so well with Kona -- as did Bosco & Choco.
And the pictures you sent by email are just wonderful. You've got a very skillful touch with a camera as well as with puppies. Thank you again for your kind thoughtfulness.
We definately want to keep in closer touch, and get in some visits from time to time with you, Bob, and the girls.

Jim, Diane and Kona

Biscotti's 1st Litter Birthday Party

      Hi everyone, We really enjoyed meeting all of you and felt we were just showered with friendship and gifts. It's not every day that one gets to attend a "Poodle Birthday Party!" We agreed on the way home it is one of the more interesting and fun gatherings we've been to. It was amazing to see the differences in the sibling poodles and a joy to meet all of you. Every detail was attended to including the adorable Doggie Cake in the shape of a bone. We are going to have Sophie's certificate framed--what a keepsake--along with the Puppy DVD and the other wonderful presents. Thanks to all of you for a memorable afternoon...Jean, thank you for opening your home up to all of us. Thanks for the idea about contributing the food to the Shelter--great thought! Best,
Joe, Marilyn & (chocolate) Sophie

      I have burned a dvd with puppy pictures from the first 8 weeks of the puppies' life for everyone at the birthday party. I thought you all might enjoy seeing the pictures. I have to say I took more pictures of my Sophie than the others, but there are some good shots of all of them. 
Cathy Shea & (black) Sophie

      It was great fun for Bosco and me to visit with and meet all of his sisters, parents, friends and family. Thanks to all for the delicious potluck foods, wine, and good company. Bosco fell asleep soon after everyone left, and hardly roused enough to go to bed several hours later! Thanks again to Darby Shea and Sophie (black) and families for making the long trip from Sequim, and to everyone for making it such a fun afternoon. Hope to see you all again soon.
J. McGarrah, SeaTac, WA

      First, we want to thank Jean so much for hosting such a wonderful event!! Bella Marina is still tired!! :-)  Secondly, all the gifts wow!!  The CD is fabulous of all the baby photos, the wonderful certificate Val put together - so special and thoughtful!. The three bags of doggie treats - so good!, and the darling stuffed animal and scarf - so sweet! And thirdly, many thanks for all the wonderful donation we all brought for the shelter dogs which filled our trunk and the shelters heart. We are so very grateful for our little Bella and so happy we met her whole family too!  Hopefully this was the first of many gatherings to come. Thanks again for everything!
Kit & Gina Purdy, Seattle, WA

Annual Puppy Reunion in August, 2008

What fun we all had at our first ever puppy reunion. The poodles got reacquainted and played together while the people got to know each other, exchanging information about what they're feeding their poodle, trips they've taken with the pups, whether or not their pup could swim, etc.

A few poodles had their first experience swimming in a lake at the reunion. We found out there are some wonderful cooks in our group, and everyone enjoyed the delicious potluck food.

Spressi seemed to really enjoy seeing her puppies all together in one place and remembered everyone. I've never seen so many poodles all together in one place.

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